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To the Girl Growing in the Lord…

To the Girl Growing in the Lord, I don’t know you personally, but I know where you’re at. I’ve been there. It’s uncomfortable and uncertain, but not uncommon. Let me share something – you are not alone.  I have been the girl that was trying to figure it all out. When the Holy Spirit first began tugging on my heart, I was in the middle … Continue reading To the Girl Growing in the Lord…

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The Wild Wild Web

This post was a Voice AM lesson adapted for your reading pleasure. When the stay-at-home order hit Orange County and church was brought online, I remember thinking, “Okay, I really need to start using Instagram to stay connected with people in these times.” So I did. Unfortunately since then, the online social community has become a crippling minefield. If I can be honest, I have … Continue reading The Wild Wild Web

Let’s Talk Mental Health

Keeping a healthy mindset during a pandemic is already hard as is. But, keeping a healthy mindset during both a pandemic and a worldwide movement against social injustice is like an extreme sport.  Being an enneagram nine (yes, I went there) I am very much the “peacemaker.” I like to see and understand everyone’s perspective before I give my own input, I’d rather listen than … Continue reading Let’s Talk Mental Health