A Cloud and A Pillar

Have you ever been in a weird place in life? A crossroad of sorts? Maybe a transitional period? If you’ve said no to every single one of these please check your pulse because you might be dead.

We all experience each of these things on our journey through life. Some of us later than others. I felt it as soon as I graduated high school. You see, we’re all going somewhere. We all have dreams. Things we want to achieve in life. It’s because of this that we’ll go through seasons of doubt and confusion. We’ll be stuck in the waiting rooms of life. And sometimes we’ll feel more fear than assurance.

But guess what: It’s okay!

Here’s why. In Exodus 13:21-22 it talks about how God came as a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day for the Israelites. He always manifested himself in a way that the people needed him. During the day I’m pretty sure it was scorching hot in the wilderness. The Israelites, while seeking direction, would’ve needed something to keep them cool. The cloud was perfect for this purpose. And at night temperatures would’ve dipped to near freezing. The people would’ve needed a source of heat to keep them warm. That pillar of fire seems pretty warm to me don’t you think? God served all purposes. While leading the people to where they were going, the promised land, he provided for each and every single one of their needs.

Isn’t He good?

How does that apply to us? Well it’s simple! Like I said before, we’re all going somewhere. Our lives have this pattern of natural progression. We graduate middle school and go straight to high school. And from high school to college. After that we start our careers. Since we’re going somewhere then it only makes sense that God would lead us there. The Bible says Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (See Hebrews 13:8) And we know that Jesus is God. So God must be the same too. If He provided for the Israelites while they were getting to where they were going, we know that He’ll do the same for us too!

Right now I’m in a transitional place in life. I’ve graduated from an amazing internship and have been left with some choices. I chose to start school. The money side of that is really scary. Waiting for school to start is really scary too. More often than not, my outsides don’t match my insides. On the outside I seem collected and poised. On the inside I’m most often freaking out. But then I remember what the Bible says… How God was there for His people. How He will always be there for His people. And most importantly, that I am one of His people… That thought alone has helped me a ton over the last few months. So next time you catch yourself worried about where life is taking you, know that God is right there. He’s providing for you. He’s guiding you. And He’s protecting you. We serve a limitless God who’ll move mountains with just the faith of a mustard seed.

How much faith do you have in Him today?

Victor Rodriguez

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