The Calling Above the Dream

When God told me to join the internship program with Mainstream Orlando, I had no idea what the internship program was even about. I decided not to think much about it and just apply. After all, if God tells you to do something, you can’t really argue your way out of it. When getting accepted, I knew my life was going to be changing. I didn’t know the first thing about talking on the mic, leading a small group or… writing a blog? And to be completely honest, those unknown areas all made me nervous and feel out of place (especially when looking at others and seeing how freely and naturally they seem to put everything together.) But, I knew that if God called me to it, there had to be a good reason. Sometimes you may feel that you’re the odd-ball, being hit from both sides like the center of Newtons Cradle. But if you know a thing or two about physics, you’ll know that the odd-ball can be very useful at times. No matter how awkward or useless you may feel, you have to know that YOU are CALLED.

With the overwhelming hype of social media constantly around us, sometimes we unintentionally start comparing ourselves to the (usually fictional) success of others. When we do this, we may feel as if our life is mundane or even stationary. We all have dreams, sometimes it’s being a top notch web developer, the author of a well-known book, an artist of the newest hit record, a pastor at a mega church and the list goes on.

Maybe you just want to be a stay-at-home-mom or an app-maker, but everyone has their dreams and ideas of what success is. It seems like every day we get on our phones and see others living out their dreams, going places we’ve always wanted to go and hanging out with their friends and families. Meanwhile, we’re constantly working, barely have time for family and friends, get half the amount of sleep we are supposed to get and the thing we most look forward to is that same hot cup of coffee every morning. Yes, the struggle is real. But don’t worry, you are most definitely not alone!

Though they didn’t have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram back in biblical times, Joseph (son of Jacob) did have dreams. Very real dreams that at times he could even interpret.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Joseph had 10 older brothers and was the youngest of them all, excluding Benjamin who came later. Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob. At the age of 17, his dreams made him feel good about himself as they depicted such things as him ruling over his family.


After telling his brothers his dreams they were furiously outraged and filled with envious hatred towards their brother.

Hopefully your dreams aren’t filled with people bowing to you; but in the same sense, sometimes people can doubt your dreams and tell you that you are out of your mind thinking such “impossible” things.

After his brothers betrayal and being sold into slavery, he was brought to serve Potiphar. After Joseph gained favor from being a good servant, Potiphar’s wife made a false accusation towards Joseph insinuating that he had tried seducing her. He was then thrown into prison due to a lie. Even through these trials and setbacks, Joseph never lost sight and kept his focus on God. He may not have understood why things were happening the way they were, but he kept his attention set on God’s will nonetheless. After one of the guards of the prison bared witness to his gifting of interpreting dreams, he was brought personally to Pharaoh to help shed light on what his dreams meant (for all of Pharaoh’s wise men were incapable of doing so.) He told pharaoh what his dreams meant and became overseer of the land of Egypt. There were 7 years of prosperity and 7 years of famine. During the years of famine, his brothers came to ask him for help, but being unaware of his true identity. When he saw them he asked them to return with their younger brother, Benjamin. After they returned, showing great concern and remorse for their evil deeds, Joseph revealed that he was their long lost brother and forgave them of their past actions.

You can find this great story in Genesis 37-50.

Like Joseph, God has placed dreams in all of us. We may not understand them yet or know why we have such strong feelings towards these dreams, but we know they are there for a purpose. However, these dreams don’t have all the answers. In fact, these dreams don’t usually have the answers at all. Only God does, and if we seek out our dreams before seeking God, we will just end up in despair. Joseph never put his dreams first. He simply stated what they were and chose to follow God’s will. Gods will took him through very rough times. Times that he never even remotely anticipated. His own family had forsaken him. People lied about his actions and he ended up in places he would’ve never decided to be. With all the these horrible things against him, he not only ended up being in a greater position than he could’ve imagined, but he also saved all of Egypt with the gift God had placed inside him.

Romans 8:18-19 “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”

Sometimes God is going to take us through some shaky grounds; but when the ground starts to shake, we have to set our feet firm and keep walking in His direction. God revealed Joseph’s dream after many years and you have to keep faith that your dreams will come to fruition as well. Our dreams might not mean exactly what we think they mean, so don’t chase the dream, chase the calling. Only then will everything fall in place the way God intends it to be.

– Matthew Wright

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