Into the Horizon

Have you ever gazed upon the horizon like a young Luke Skywalker and knew in your heart there’s something ‘more’ out there just waiting to be discovered? The feeling that you’re destined for more?

I know the feeling.

There were times when everything I did felt like it had a ceiling; every dream felt like it was meant for someone else. I would work so hard to break free from the chains of inadequacy only to find myself in the grasp of my insecurities. In order to cope with these feelings I would live as if they just didn’t exist and be content with whatever happened next. I didn’t want the world around me to see them because a man is “supposed” to be invulnerable. It’s just how it is. We act tough, talk tougher and look good along the way.

That’s how I lived before I knew Christ. But the world wasn’t fair living like this–I was just a number, I wanted to be good but it was hard to be genuine in an insincere world. What I thought was “love” wasn’t really love at all. I looked around every Valentine’s Day and all I saw was what I perceived to be empty promises and ‘false bravado.’ I mean, if you really love somebody wouldn’t you show it the other 364 days as well? Just when I felt the most distant, the most cynical, I fell in love.

Love is a choice. When our “have to’s” become “I want to’s” we begin to feel a change within us. Even when I started going to church there were seemingly a whole lot of “have to’s.” I became intimidated with the thought of so many rules and regulations, but I fell in love with a God who has no limits.

I fell in love with a God of grace.

I fell in love with a God who parts seas, moves mountains and is not afraid to associate with people of low esteem.

He even gave His own Spirit to us so we can continuously shine His love, His light to the world. The depths of His love is unfathomable. He blissfully desires to have a relationship with us and once I realized this I had a choice to make. It’s so easy to rely on our own abilities, our own understanding to make decisions in our lives so we start to become confident in what we can do instead of what God can do for us. We begin to lose the vulnerability that allowed God to show His love to us in the first place. Personally, I want to be the person God purposefully made me to be in every second He gracefully gives. I want to be the man, I want to be the friend, I want to be husband, I want to be the dad, and I even want to be the Jedi Knight to the people around me when the occasion calls for it. I want my confidence to come from knowing that His hands are holding my moments. So instead of choosing to settle for a high degree of “like,” I chose to love. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable–‘titles’ like “Husband” “Wife” and “Jedi Master” are there for each of us to receive if we have the courage to be who God created us to be. If we risk our own reputation, He is more than willing to add to His.

Choose to love, to trust, and to live in a way that glorifies Him in every situation. Love is here. For anyone who thinks it’s still on the horizon take a step of faith and know that the maker of the stars is more than willing to bring us closer to our destiny… Thanks for listening.

“And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:17-19

– Nelson Torres

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