I Dare You to Move

Monday, August 29th, 2016 – 9:00am

My name is Ligia Forbes. About 20-30 minutes ago, my car just got towed away in my neighborhood and to be truly honest it was completely my fault.  Last night (after service of course), I had parked in a vacant parking spot that seemed like it didn’t belong to anyone. As of about right now, I have learned otherwise.

Naturally, I was very frustrated with myself. After a good 20 minutes of venting to God about how I ignored my first instinct and how I would have to spend my day off moving across town to pick up my car, I finally decide to put on my big girl pants and take a “LYFT” to church for a meeting and then to the towing company.


Monday, August 29th, 2016- 11:00am

On the way to church for the meeting, my LYFT driver is a man from Venezuela. He shares with me how thankful he is to be in the USA after moving here a few months ago. We communicate in Spanglish and he talks about how bad both political and living conditions still are in his country. The frustration I had earlier because of my actions begins to wear down a little. Because we are on our way to church, he asks if the church provides Spanish-speaking services and wants to attend a service.


Monday, August 29th, 2016- 1:00pm

 After the meeting at church, I proceed to take another LYFT to the towing place. This time, my driver is a girl in her 20’s, around the same age as me. Her car is super clean and again, because we are driving from a church, she asks if I work there. Different from my previous driver, she describes how she has lived across the street from the church her whole life but never went because her parents use to force her to church and she had a not so good view of it since. We have a good conversation about what it means to be kind yet forward as a Christian. I share with her how I spend a lot of time at the church, especially earlier this year when I was going through a hard season in my life and the people in cadences prayed for me and showed so much love to me. Once we reach the other side of town, she helps me find the towing place when my GPS dies and we wish each other well.


Although getting my car towed was not exactly the type of spiritual awakening I expected, as He always does, God still showed his glory and power on that day.


Choosing to move impacts the people around you. Despite feeling uncomfortable because of a change of plans or thinking that my day was mainly about “me and my car” God showed that engaging with the community around me is not something that I can completely control with my own agenda.


As Heath Adamson once said, “movements start to happen when we begin to notice the people placed in our path.”


From stepping out and being the light on our college campuses, to having even deeper conversations on outreaches such as H2Orlando, with the people of our city; I’ve learned that it takes being intentional to really care and connect with the people God places in your path. With that being said, “We Be on the Move” takes on a whole new meaning.


For in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.”- Acts 17:28

– Ligia Forbes


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