“The Hardest Test”: A Testimony

I understand consequences better than most of the people I know. My parents are from Haiti and moved to North Miami and I know at one point my dad was homeless, but that didn’t stop them from enduring. They worked tirelessly to make sure my brother, sister, and I would have a typical American life. Although they were stressed out and those experiences affected their … Continue reading “The Hardest Test”: A Testimony

The Price of Revival

It is almost impossible to step in through the Mainstream Building entrance doors these past two Sunday nights of 2017, and not be inspired or changed in some way. As the grey and black seats have begun to overflow with people, each seat  has been filled with new dreams, more hope, changing outlooks and an overall desire to seek after God and what He wants to do through our … Continue reading The Price of Revival


“To love at all is to be vulnerable”- C.S Lewis The very first time I  ever attended a cadence, small group, I remember unintentionally being very silent. “Ligia, do you want to go to a bible study with me?” My roommate had gently asked me one night after she willingly, without me asking at all, came to support a school event I was serving in. … Continue reading Vulnerability