“To love at all is to be vulnerable”- C.S Lewis

The very first time I  ever attended a cadence, small group, I remember unintentionally being very silent.

“Ligia, do you want to go to a bible study with me?”

My roommate had gently asked me one night after she willingly, without me asking at all, came to support a school event I was serving in. Happy that she had willingly taken time out of her day to support me, as well as sensing that the best response was to say yes in return; we drove directly to the church after the event.

It’s amazing how a seemingly slight change in routine in an “ordinary” day can help pave the way for divine encounters.

The cadence group was small, and my roommate and I were 2 out of 6 attendees.

I remember the small group leader being very excited to have us there, as well as a little nervous because new people (me) had showed up.

After introducing ourselves, the leader asked us how our week was going.

Hearing the type of responses shocked me a little. The question wasn’t the typical “how are you?”  exchange you might hear behind the counter at the grocery store. Some of the type of responses were like I’m going through a hard breakup. I’m infertile. My parents weren’t there when I needed them. I feel like God has forgotten about me.

When it came to my turn to share in the group, whether it was out of resistance or comfort in staying the same; I found myself choosing to stick to my response I sometimes have said at the store, I found myself saying a simple “my week was good”.

Because of the blank stares that had gazed back at me, I knew I had broken the memo.

Little did I know, the transparency that I lacked, and the transparency of others would help change my life and viewpoint on God’s grace and love for us.

As said by author Lindsay Lane Jennings, vulnerability and being authentic is “love on its knees. It is humility’s twin brother”. When we choose to be vulnerable to others we are simply saying, I am no better than you. 

Flash forward to a year later, and because that same cadence leader chose to stay in touch with me, pray for any concern or situation and also be vulnerable about what God has done and was doing through her life; I began to look forward to those Monday or Friday nights.

So much, I started coming every week.

There is so much underestimated power in vulnerability. Culturally we’ve been thought that it may appear “weak”, or even “cheesy”, but it’s been said that being authentic is going to be one of the greatest ways our generation will bear witness to the good news of freedom and grace through Jesus Christ. No matter how we might feel I believe this is so true.  Especially since he hung on a cross vulnerably for all to see,  before we would ever know his name.

I am learning that my life story is not just for me, and is meant to be shared.

Someone needs to hear your story so they can put one foot in front of the other.

To be vulnerable allows others to see God’s grace and love lifted up even more in your life.

– Ligia Forbes

“ How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live in unity!”- Psalm 133

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