“The Hardest Test”: A Testimony

I understand consequences better than most of the people I know.

My parents are from Haiti and moved to North Miami and I know at one point my dad was homeless, but that didn’t stop them from enduring. They worked tirelessly to make sure my brother, sister, and I would have a typical American life. Although they were stressed out and those experiences affected their peace of mind, they still chose to sit us down to go to bible study in order to “shape us.”

Their discipline was intense. Despite the intensity, it didn’t work completely. My siblings and I rebelled in different ways. We waited until the sun set and they were gone, then the “good image” would disappear completely. We all would go out and get into some trouble, but out of all of us, I was the worse. I engaged in late nights, drinking, just sinning regularly. I was almost arrested twice, but I didn’t care.

Despite us being rebellious together over the years, my older siblings matured faster in some ways, while I matured later in other ways.

My brother started leading his own bible study, and my sister went to an Ivy League college and joined the worship team over there. It still makes me proud. I started to go to church on and off, but hit rock bottom in 2014. I was on academic probation and everyone I knew gave up on me. By that time I realized I was only hurting myself. In that second I turned around completely and began to truly rely on God. I began to know and have faith that he would work all things together for the ultimate good. It was so hard, I had more trials than I can count, I admittedly gave up more than once. Times were definitely tough, but in those times I thought of Job.

Job was such a dedicated servant that even when he lost his health, wealth, and children he was faithful to God. Job 23:10 tells us how” but he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I will come forth as gold.” I’ve messed up so many times, but the new, good experiences that came afterwards was so immensely satisfying. Art and music classes, traveling, jobs, a 3.0 shortly after probation. God provides so many blessings. With obedience, you can become a spiritual bank, a Christ-following soldier, a warrior. “When trials and tribulations stop you, why should that worry you if God has you?”

– Elisa Librun

“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”- Isaiah 41:13

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