First Love Pt. 1

The First Love series takes a look at how different individuals in The Voice community keep Christ the first love of their lives. Meet Stephanie Morales and Miguel Alvelo, a couple who has been dating for over 4 years. They both serve in the high school and middle school ministry of Mainstream Orlando, Curry Ford Campus.

Stephanie and I were friends for two years before we started dating.

Placing Jesus at the center of our relationship means these 3 significant things:

1)  He is our anchor. No matter what we go through, keeping Him first before each other keeps us grounded where we are needed to be.

2) Seeing each other as a brother and sister in Christ first, before we see each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.

3) Pursue purity. Because Christ is first, our relationship with him helps motivate us to stay pure and to honor each other.Even through our weaknesses of being human, knowing His love for us motivates us to not  let that love be tainted.”

“It was beneficial to know each other before being in a relationship because it taught us how to be comfortable around each other. It’s important for the real you to be in any relationship.”

Stephanie and I are very genuine people and desire to be genuine in everything we do. It’s not strange that couples would try to hide parts of themselves to one another. It helps for us to be intentional with one another and to be truly authentic.

1) How did the chemistry come to be between the two of you?

Stephanie: We were friends for two years. I graduated high school and he was still in his senior year. We were both apart of the Fine Arts competition, and were both in human videos led by Pastor Michael. Because we were in the same circles, we got to know each other and eventually, after the competition and getting to know each other, started dating.

2) How are you and Stephanie different, and how does that work well in your relationship?

Stephanie: We are both very different. For example, I’m extroverted and he’s introverted so there would be times where I want to hang out with people and he would like to recharge at home. But everything falls into place. It took us a little while to realize it but we learn from one another and out differences challenge us in a good way. Because we are very accepting with out differences, we are able to also be very accepting with other people’s differences as followers of Christ.

3) You both serve in ministry here at Mainstream Orlando. How has serving been impactful (in both a good or challenging way)?

Miguel: In a good way we share the same passion for full-time ministry and are called to the same thing. The challenging aspect is sometimes finding quality time to spend with one another in the midst of ministry tasks. Being leaders for different things, can become a lot. But it is honoring because it something that we love to do.

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