Profile of a Protagonist: Toke Wright

Profile of a Protagonist is a recurring blog post with the goal of showing readers how individuals in our Voice community engage in the Gospel and see God’s love lived out throughout Orlando.

Meet: Toke Wright
How the Hip-Hop artist and Intern for “The Voice” is using his talents to glorify God

To talk about “being the light,” is quite easy. To live and walk it out, now that’s the challenge. When you meet Matthew Wright, or as we know him, Tok3n, you will see that from his art, to the way he chooses to love others; being the light is something he takes seriously and desires to showcase in every aspect of his life.

Whether it’s rapping and opening any Mainstream event, helping build a set or filming and editing videos for “Look Ahead,” you can catch Tok3n serving in our ministry in many ways. Read ahead as we talk with Toke Wright about Hip-Hop, faith, and impacting culture.

1) What is the best thing that’s ever happened during “Bars Cadence”?
The best thing to happen during the Bars Cadence actually started with a problem. I remember praying around the pond on the church property for the cadence to be more and for everyone to enjoy their time. We had planned on using sound to listen to music and rap and it was the first time we were meeting in a different location. When I got there, the sound wasn’t working. Instead of complaining about the sound, I decided to play beats on my phone and we all just rapped and free-styled over different random instrumentals found on YouTube. All the raps weren’t great. In fact, most were terrible, but we all laughed more than we ever had before. We had tons of fun, not because of what we had but because of each other’s company.

2) Have you ever been apprehensive about incorporating your faith into your music?
No! Not in the slightest. I’ve never been apprehensive about involving faith into my music just as I’m not hesitant on spreading my faith in life. I started making music in 2012, which is the same year I got saved. That might be why it comes so nonchalantly. I’ve always felt that people should just speak their mind in music so that you can really feel what an artist is saying. I love transparency and that only comes from speaking what is true to ones self. I’d rather hear a song about pain and struggle than a watered down lie filled with glitter and gold. If I speak about life, God will be shown in it because He is the biggest part of my life. I shouldn’t have to purge the word of God to get it out of me. It should and will come naturally because He is a major part of who I am.

3) What are some of your future dreams that you are currently working towards?
I’ve always dreamt of releasing albums, touring and possibly signing to a label. I’m currently working towards my first album, “Bloodbath,” set to release on April 7th. The touring part is a whole other story. It’s definitely not as easy as it may seem, but hopefully in the near future I’ll experience that and be able to check it off of my checklist as well. As far as signing goes, I suppose we will see what happens.
4. You mentioned that you are releasing your new album, Bloodbath on April 7th, what was the inspiration behind it?
When looking at the name and the cover art of the album it may seem very gruesome or grotesque at first. However, the bloodbath is a symbolical reference toward our relationship and walk with God. In Romans 5:9 the Bible states that we are justified by His blood (Jesus). We are cleansed by the blood. The tub of blood represents that. Which is why the floor outside of the tub is filthy because our past is full of darkness and despair, but through Jesus we are made clean. In the album, you will hear my old ways of thinking in some songs and my new way in other songs. In some, I use both. They are all true stories from my life and I hope everyone understands the meaning behind each of them.

5) You recently went on a mission trip with the Voice Orlando to Spain, what was your favorite moment of that trip?”
My favorite moment was during the final service that we had. We were doing an altar call and nearly everyone had someone come up to them for prayer except me, or so I thought. I glanced to the back of the room and saw a guy that was in my small group earlier. I remembered that he had said he could barely walk or stand up because he had something wrong with his leg. I realized at that moment there was an evident need in the room, so I decided to act upon it. I went up to him and asked if I could pray over his leg. He agreed, to which I knelt down to lay hands on where he was in pain. I remember praying over it and telling God that I’m not capable of healing, but that I knew He was. After, I asked if he still had pain and he said no. Even with him telling me this, I was still hesitant on believing due to the language barrier. I asked him to jump so we could really test the waters so to say. Talk about being nervous, man was I ever. I figured if he’s not healed, he’s going to be hurting a lot more in a bit. I remember him looking at me and smiling, which spoke volumes. There was no mix up in language when it came to that smile. Later I got a translator for double or triple confirmation and he was definitely healed. Only God would be capable of such. Needless to say, I was awestruck and could only imagine what might be going on in his head. That was definitely my favorite moment. However, my favorite thing (or person in this case), was a kid named Justin. We are still in communication today and I don’t think we will ever lose contact. In a quick week, he became the little brother I never had. We even exchanged bracelets. We really clicked instantly and hopefully I can see him again someday.

6) On this side of life, what do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered for loving everyone no matter the circumstance or what they are known for. I always strive to break free of stereotypical viewpoints, not only in my life, but in others as well. I want to be remembered for being there in times of need, for bringing a positive vibe to my surroundings and for walking out in the call that God has placed over my life.

Preorder Bloodbath now on iTunes and Googleplay here:

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