The World’s Loudest Introvert

Have you ever tried so hard to hear God’s voice? Why does it feel like every Pastor, every Bible story, and everyone around you is hearing the voice of God while you can’t even hear his still small voice?

Feels like everyone is getting answers from God and hearing from Him, like God is yelling at everyone or has everyone else on speed dial, but you.

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. Even when it seems like everyone is hearing directly from God I want to talk to you about listening to that still small voice in your head. So many times God speaks to you but you brush it off as yourself because you don’t believe that an all loving God could ever love you or even speak to you.  Growing up, I always thought that God didn’t speak to me because I couldn’t hear an audible, loud voice. Like what I read about in the Bible.

When I was first learning how to talk to God, every time I thought God wanted me to do something, I got afraid because I felt like I was either just talking to myself or that because I couldn’t hear exactly what God wanted me to do, I was going to do the wrong thing.  The fear of doing the wrong thing kept me from doing anything at times because I really didn’t want to do the wrong thing. In that fear,  I did nothing. The more I sat there in life doing nothing , the more I would get frustrated that I wasn’t doing anything for God. I had to learn how to distinguish from my thoughts and God’s voice.

Before you go on, I don’t want you to think that listening to God means that you are crazy. It just means that you have to understand how God works. God speaks to us in many different ways. I’m going to talk to you about the times God has spoken to me in the “still small voice”.

At first,  I had to remind myself that if the thought I had was a good thought, then more than likely the thought was not from me. We as humans are not genuinely good. I’m not saying we are evil beings, but we are selfish. We think about ourselves for survival reasons.

God’s thoughts are for others. If you ever want to do something, it gives glory to God and it blesses someone, then God is probably behind the idea and that is God speaking to you. If in your mind you are battling if something is from you or from God, then I always just use one sure fire solution to figure out if something is from God. If I have internal peace about whatever it is that I have going on in my mind, I feel like regardless of what it is, God will always give you peace about whatever it is you feel in your heart. If it is really from God and if you have peace about the situation then God is probably behind it all.

Samuel Seda

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