Profile of a Protagonist: Reece Poe

Profile of a Protagonist is a recurring blog post with the goal of showing readers how individuals in our Voice community engage in the Gospel and see God’s love lived out throughout Orlando. Meet the protagonists.

Meet Reece Poe.

1)Where do you find inspiration from for your art/photography?
“Where do I find inspiration from? I know this may not be a super “Christian” answer but, Youtube.”’

2) When did you first start getting into videography?
“I brought a video camera at a car race and my first one was with my Dad and I thought it was really cool. I also later brought a camera along on a missions trip for a recap video at an old church. Then I came to the Voice a year ago and loved filming.”
3) How do you encourage those you film, or film with?
“I think it’s important to encourage people who have the same interest. You try to teach them how to be better and find their own thing, like a brand. Find your brand that makes your video, not to be better, but so it’s different.”

4) How has your walk with Christ inspired your videography?
“It inspires me because I want to use liability of filming things to glorify God. I want to use it for God, in the sense that I want to express God’s character through some of the videos that I get to do.
So, like, whenever I do recap videos or missions videos, for example, in places where I am solely capturing people; what I want to do is be able to capture God’s character through people. Who they are, their identity, their differences, things like that. What makes them, them.
When I shoot missions videos, I want people to see the needs of the world. Things we don’t usually see going on in our world, that are beyond what it actually seems.
I want to capture that human element but also be able to show people that the reason why I do videos for church, or through helping out and doing things for God; I want to show them that living for God is not this mundane, “rule-follow” but that it can be fun.”

5) What are some of the best things that have happened during a shoot?A lot of times I like capturing people being vulnerable. There are times where I’ll be looking through the lens at somebody and I can just see how God is working. Now, not physically, but I can see his encouragement..his sincere love for people. I can see and feel it while I’m filming; it’s incredible.
There are times I’ve walked around with my camera, with tears in my eyes because I’ve been able to see that.”
6) How has “The Voice” impacted your walk with Christ?
“The first thing that impacted me is how “The Voice” has completely broken the stigma of what people who don’t go to church, think church is. So, the environment of people, the way the service is conducted, the plays, Fine Arts, the music, the culture there; I think it completely breaks what people think church is and shows them what church actually should be, you know what I mean?”
The second thing would be the attention to detail of all the ways “The Voice” tries to get people connected. Whether it’s the cadences or having a new center that brings all these things that people would normally do alone; like eating food, playing basketball/games or hanging out with people; bringing all those things into one place so that purposely you could be surrounded by like-minded people and receive encouragement. The Voice intentionally tries to bring people together.
And I think the third thing for me, would be how real Pastor Sonia is in her messages. They are brutally honest, but I like that because, you know, it’s not like she’s trying to beat around the bush to spare my feelings. You know, it takes maturity and a soft heart. I feel like the messages are perfect in the sense that they’re very direct and talk about things that people are actually going through and actually need to hear; whether they want to hear it or not. In the end, even though I might not always want to “hear it straight,” I want to hear it that way to know that I am on the right path.”


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