Make America God’s Again

I honestly don’t know why I am writing a patriotic blog post at this moment. It’s not like I’m listening to “God Bless America” or any other patriotic sound. I was sitting in my room,on my bed,just thinking;and God began to talk to me about our founding fathers and the beliefs they had and kind of what God wants to do to his people in the home of the brave and the land of the free.

I want to start out by thanking every man and woman that fought for our freedom. I can write this blog right now because someone died for me to have this right and freedom. I thank every military on or off active duty.

America was originally discovered due to religious beliefs. The founding fathers wanted a land where they could worship God where it would be fine. Actually, they didn’t want just acceptance, they wanted encouragement. They wanted a land where they could be free to worship God and people would join in. A place where people would stand next to you while you pray, and not walk away offended. The founding fathers would openly discuss God and it was a very typical topic to openly talk about. While writing the Declaration of Independence, they would have hour-long prayer meetings to discuss what they thought this country would be like.

I say all of this to talk to the Christians of America. I believe that God is calling us to rise up again and talk to the land He has given us back. This isn’t an anti-anything blog, this is a pro-evangelism blog. I saw a video of an atheist celebrity that talked about Christians in America and how you must really have to hate someone if you have this eternal gift, if you have eternal happiness, but yet you choose to not speak out. I believe that God is asking Christians to speak out. Not in anger or to be argumentative, but in love. I think God is calling us again to reach out to the world and bring them in with love. I really believe this is the generation that will look to the founding fathers and pick up where they left off.  I believe that we are the generation that will remember their legacy and continue the legacy. His children will rise in the United States of America.

May God bless America and may we lift his name high.

Samuel Seda

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