The Voice Loves: UCF

The Voice Loves” is a recurring blog post that aims to share about the many people and stories we encounter while loving people throughout the city. Whether it’s in Orlando or in China, “The Voice Loves” shares stories of service, compassion, and showing what real love, the love of Christ, is to people.

What are you most excited about, when it comes to life after graduation?

After this (college at UCF) I got a job offer. Hopefully I’m going to stay there for about four years. A recruiter contacted me from Google and I’m going to work with the company; and Google has a program that will pay for me to go to school.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

I am always thinking about the future, but my favorite memory would have to be reading manga after school. I would first read it at the store, and then go home wondering about what would happen next.

How do you feel about graduating?

I feel very excited! When I came here (to the United States), I always wanted to move to California, Silicon Valley. I dreamed to go there because they have a lot of companies like Apple, Facebook. People don’t agree with me, but that’s where all the inventions are happening. All of the new things, all of the engineers, entrepreneurs; everything. It’s really an exciting place for me, so I always dreamed of going there. Me, having a college degree, has been a way of getting to move there. If I don’t have a degree, then they won’t interview me. I’m really good in the sense that I achieved what I aimed for and I’m ready to move to the next stage.

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