The Mountain Climb

Besides all of the storms and mountains I’ve faced in this life, I am learning that I still need to fight through them. There was a period of time in which I knew that I was going through a storm and God had given me a vision, multiple times, of me praying on top of a big mountain. This mountain was surrounded by national forests, many beautiful tall forest trees and foggy grounds. At first, I didn’t get it.

While being in the storm, He told me in the very beginning that although I was going through a storm at the time, my life was still going to take a hard turn. Despite it all, he wanted me to be still. Now, by “Being still” it not only means staying where you are, but also: Praying, fasting, worshipping, and much more.


After two years of fighting through this mega storm, I finally realized what God was talking about when he showed me this tall, big mountain. It was a mountain that was filled with my situations. I was on top of my circumstances and it was all beneath me. In the midst of the storm and on top of the big mountain; in the vision I was focused on what mattered most.

Jesus was my focus.

I was learning to trust in Him while climbing on this big mountain. There were times in which rocks were falling into my path of climbing and I was getting a few hard hits; but that didn’t stop me from achieving my goal.
I needed to trust more in Jesus and fix my eyes on Him. He had the calling over me that He wanted me to push through for; and I needed to have faith in myself to climb and reach it. There was a big landslide that made me fall but that didn’t stop me. When I was finally on top of this mountain, I was worshipping Him with all that I had left.

It’s important for us to keep fighting through all of the circumstances. We must continue to fight even when it hurts to climb the next mountain.

Pedro Rodriguez

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