World Race Feature: “What am I doing?”

Several months ago, I graduated from a two-year internship program through Mainstream Orlando Leadership College at Faith Assembly of God, my church home for the past 20 years. I learned much about what it takes to be in full-time youth ministry, including the long nights setting up and tearing down services, outreaches, experiencing personal growth, being stretched, and being challenged.

 After I graduated, I constantly found myself with the question in mind, “what am I doing?” Throughout this internship and to this day, I have worked full-time at Starbucks. Although I truly enjoy this job, I have known that there is more for me. Seeking new employment opportunities became a regular pursuit. It felt as if many amazing things were happening to the people in my life, but I was not moving forward as they were.

 After new work and ministry opportunities came along, I found myself still asking that question, “what am I doing?” I did not know why this question kept resurfacing, but it caused me to become uneasy, because it seemed like nothing I did made much sense or was actually beneficial. I started asking God, “what is it that You want me to be doing?” I knew that ultimately the answer was ministry, but I did not know what the next step to achieve that goal was.

The World Race seemed to come out of nowhere. So much so, that it seemed evident that this was the next step He had for me. This was a step that finally made sense.

 For months, I have felt in my heart that God was preparing me for the “unknown.” Of course, not knowing what that meant, I never would have foreseen that the “unknown” would be going into the missions field for nearly a year; putting the whole routine of my current daily life on pause. However, I feel so much peace about it all and I completely trust that God will be in control of the whole process, especially the fundraising…can I get an amen?

 I am thrilled that I can finally say that what I am doing is trusting God throughout this journey. I am stepping into the unknown through The World Race; traveling to 11 different countries in 11 months; being a part of something so much bigger than I could have anticipated.


What is The World Race? It’s an 11 month missions trip with a group of about 45 young adults sharing the gospel of Jesus, serving each community wherever needed. This includes teaching English to children, assisting in foster homes, construction work, ministering to sex trafficking victims, and more. It is a year of ministry, which is not always glamorous or easy by any means.

 I would love for you to be a part of this journey with me. I will be blogging throughout this experience. I encourage you to subscribe to my blog to be notified of new updates.

Now, let’s take on the world!

Michael Javier

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