Profile of a Protagonist: David Provenzano

Profile of a Protagonist is a recurring blog post with the goal of showing readers how individuals in our Voice community engage in the Gospel and see God’s love lived out throughout Orlando. Meet the protagonists.

Meet: David Provenzano,aka, “Beach Casino”.

1) Where do you find inspiration from for your music/songwriting?

“I find my inspiration from a lot of personal experiences and situations other people go through in life. I try to relate as much as I can with the songs I write.”

2) When did you first know you wanted to be in music?

“I have always enjoyed music in general but I guess when I started writing music in garage band at the age of 14 that is when I realized I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.”


3) Can you explain the transition between being part of a worship band, like Mainstream Worship, to becoming a full fledged solo artist? 

“The biggest thing that I needed to remember is who I’m doing this for. In both worship and my personal music I’m doing this to glorify God. So the skills I learned in worship team has helped me in my career as an artist. ”

4) How has being in the music industry impacted your walk as a Christ follower? 

“It has opened my eyes to a lot of what this world has become. It has made me want to cling to God even more than before. The industry is far from being Christ-centered. Some artists say they are Christians, but they use it as a ploy to suck you in and bring you down. But at the same time, God has used me to be a light and stretch my faith.”


5) How has the Voice impacted your walk?

“It’s helped my maturity in Christ transition from high school to college in the best way possible.”

6) What is one thing you want people to take away from your music?

“That I go through the same things they do but I have a foundation to fall back on and I hope they are able to see that!”

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