3 Ways to be Ready for the Unexpected

The Unexpected.

This month at the Voice it has been all about embracing exactly that; the unknown. From spontaneous events during service to hearing whatever is on the hearts of our speakers this month, our latest series “It’s Gonna be May” has steered  us away from our usual routine. Along with embracing new experiences during services, we couldn’t help but think how we can apply how we face these “surprises” in life in our day to day routines. The unexpected is scary and it can be very easy to become paralyzed in that fear and not move towards where God wants us to be. So, here are three tips in being ready for the unexpected! 


  • Be Ready during “In” Season and “Out” of Season


This phrase has stuck with me for a few months now because it’s something Pastor Sonia has always said. In short, it means to still have the same tenacity and desperation for God when it’s not, lets say Kappa Tau season, and you’re home studying for exams. God can use you whenever He pleases, but it can be hard if you’re slacking in your personal devotional time. Now, it’s not hard on God (’cause he’s God),  but really on yourself because you’re lacking in that strength and wisdom. In season, when you’re leading those human videos or sharing a word in your cadence every week, it’s a no brainer to rely on God. You feel good, like you take on the world, however when that season ends for some reason, if we’re being honest, sometimes we turn that switch off. You think “I’m not leading or ‘in charge’ of people so I can slack for a bit, right?” Then you skip a few Sundays or sleep in for devos and next thing you know your next opportunity comes and you are completely unprepared. It’s a lifestyle to choose God everyday. To stand on His promises. So be sure that even when the spotlight isn’t on you, your life still explemfles a hunger for Him.

  • Know How You React to Change

One big thing that comes with encountering the “unexpected” is also having the chance to really see how you embrace change. Whether it’s the type of change that comes as a huge “surprise” or the kind of change that comes “little by little”, we all respond differently to change. Knowing how we are responding to that change, matters. Change can have a way of allowing us to draw closer in our trust to God, as well as finding a community of support for us during the changes in our lives. It’s okay to have time to breathe, or maybe even grieve some of the changes in your life; but also know how those transitions are stretching you. New situations and experiences challenge the existing ideas we have about the world, as well as God’s plans for you. This is a great thing!


  • Fight Against Weariness


“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9.

We’ve all probably heard or read this Galatians verse and either ignored it or wrote “so good” in the margins of our Bibles and moved on. I’m also sure that you’re thinking “what does fighting against weariness have to do with being prepared for the unexpectant.” Well, let’s think about it, if we aren’t hearing from God, unfortunately we tend to just give up. We think He hates us and that we aren’t called. We even think things like what’s the point? That’s when we need to fight, because if we’re feeling that way during a regular season, when we’re not incredibly involved in ministry; then can you imagine how it will be when we’re waiting? We need to be ready during the “off” season and we need to know how to react to change, and we must fight with all we have to not grow weary while serving AND waiting. God can call us to do anything at any time. If we don’t know how to fight now then how can we fight when God gives you that opportunity you’ve been praying for. To give up means we think God can’t. Is that how you really want to view God? Doing good doesn’t just limit itself in physically serving, it also translates to doing good behind the scenes and doing it with the right heart.
Now, these aren’t the “correct” or “only” three ways to be ready for the unexpectant, it’s really just three things we’ve learned in our own walk with God. Responding or reacting to the unexpected is something we do daily. We may not know what is to come but how we respond to that “unexpected” is what really matters. So be open and remember, “Anything can Happen!”


Voice Blog Writing Team

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