The Reboot

  Ever so often in Hollywood a movie comes along the way that is popular, but has little room to grow. Every sequel unintentionally distances itself further and further away from the ideals and character of the original. Sure, there’s an illusion of growth in sheer numbers; but when it comes down to it the movie becomes a barely recognizable facsimile of the standards which made it great in the first place. Unless you’re Marvel Studios, it’s hard to make a good sequel. After a successful introduction to audiences, there are now expectations and opinions that were never experienced before. On top of this, there are more eyes are on it, more people want input.

It’s tough to please the masses. I’m sure it’s easy for screenwriters to want to hide under a rock, but there is work to be done. So how do you revive a series that has grown stale? That’s right! It’s time for a reboot.

You see, in life we are meant to GROW. Growing up has its share of ups, downs, failure and successes which challenge us to adapt or fall behind into what I’d like to call “funks.” Ever experience a “funk?” I have. It’s a period of time when nothing feels quite right and every waking moment feels like enough is not being done for things to turn around. These times are bound to happen to each one of us–especially in a period of growth–and it’s during these moments we need to learn how to “adjust” our natural sights, visions and goals to correspond with the path God lays out for us or we are bound to repeat cycles which can notoriously frustrate even the best of people.

Too many times we are preoccupied with the race we run in our mind, our own perception, that we lose focus on what actually needs to be done in order for us to advance forward. This can eventually even cause us to question the very things and people God places around to accomplish our mission. Part of growing up is learning not only about ourselves, but recognizing the character of others allowing God to sort out their roles in our lives. We limit ourselves when we define the best course of action to answer these questions or to relieve the lack we feel. We do this in part because of past experiences, old habits which were formed by who we were. It’s what we’re used to. We’re used to “doing us,” fending for ourselves while determining the roles of others. These traits don’t just disappear by chance, but with intentional focus. It’s important to constantly renew ourselves before God to erase our predetermined notions and pray that each given moment is determined by Him. The confidence gained by simple prayer gives the answers we need through the moments He provides–rebooting our minds to align with His heart; transforming our entire lives in the process. Sometimes, a simple reboot is all we need to finally move on from who we were as we evolve into the people God has purposefully made us to be. When we live our lives constantly renewed in purpose, our expectations and responses will prove to the world that reboots aren’t just meant for Hollywood anymore.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”- Proverbs 3:5-6

Nelson Torres

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