A Note on being “The One”

I’ve made many mistakes in my life. Currently I’m making mistakes in my life. There is hope. Jesus. Wow, duh Jesus is alive. But no. It doesn’t stop there. Everything I do day by day doesn’t deem a comparison. It doesn’t place me beside any one person and balance me on a scale to see if I’m worthy, no.

The words “Jesus is alive” means He died for me. He saw the one. And He sees the one in you. It’s not based on merit or kindness it’s based on true love.. no conditions. Does it mean anything to you that there is nothing you could do that would take you out of the love of God that He has for you? For a while, it didn’t mean much to me. Crazy, I know, but truly I thought it did and felt something when I heard those repetitive words. I thought I knew God’s Love, but honestly to this day I never stop learning about it. That’s the incredible thing about God, He’s pretty big. I mean really big. But those traits we do longingly desire like humility and love… yeah, He has sort of perfected. So how we fail at loving and experiencing love at a broken measure from people; He actually gives at a perfect rate. We don’t need to earn it and we definitely can’t lose it. We just ask God to merely understand a glimpse of it day by day and that my friend is hope.


So if you haven’t heard it today yet, I love you! But better and more perfectly God loves you!

Jacqueline Matsusaka

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