“Do You Speak Creole?”

From the moment I saw Haiti on the screen when Mainstream Missions was announced, without a shadow of a doubt, I knew that was the mission trip God was telling me to go on.  Getting to love on the country that raised both of my parents was a privilege. It allowed me to invest my time, and energy to the country that I love so much.

Going into the mission I told God that whatever He wanted to do I was going to say yes to everything I was asked; even if it was something that I hated. I wanted to be open to whatever God had for me on this trip. Going to Haiti, I knew that I was going to be translating conversation and probably leading the games by using the little bit of Creole I knew just to help out here and there. That part was scary because I knew my creole was not the best, but I could still have a conversation with someone. In my head I wanted to translate conversation and speak here and there as the days went by but it did not turn out like that .

The first day with the kids I was honestly nervous because Creole is not my first language and I prefer to have one on one conversations with people rather than large crowds in Creole. But it’s funny how I had plans and God had something totally different in mind.


The first day at the VBS, I got the opportunity to teach a whole lesson in Creole . Even though I had to use a Creole translator book to help me the night before, I still did it lol.

I love how God used me in the area I doubted myself the most, all for His glory to minister to the kids. When others on the team would ask me if I spoke Creole I would say yes and say … “but it’s not that good” .

A lot of times God gives us so many tools and talents but we look down on it because we think just because we aren’t the best or a pro at it, it’s not useful. One of the biggest things I learned on the Haiti mission trip is whether you feel the best at something or not, always remember that it’s something that can always be used for His kingdom. Speaking another language is a blessing , and it was something I overlooked because I thought I wasn’t the best at it, but at the end of the day God still used it to minister to people in Haiti. I trusted God and He used me in a way I never thought was possible

Brittney Alexis

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