Voice Book Review: “Friend of Sinners”

Friend of Sinners “Until we understand how much God loves us, we won’t let God lead us. We won’t let God help us. We won’t draw near to him or let him draw near to us. Love is the force that brought God to earth, and it’s the force that brings us to God.” Last semester at Book Club cadence (Monday nights. 7PM. Starbucks on … Continue reading Voice Book Review: “Friend of Sinners”

How the Voice Conference Changed My Life

Growing up, I guess I always knew that God existed. I remember my parents taking me to church when I was younger, occasionally attending Sunday school and somewhere along the way I learned to pray. After my parents divorced, the whole church thing kind of fell out the window though. Six years went by without knowing who my savior was and without having a church … Continue reading How the Voice Conference Changed My Life


Is anyone else disturbed by commercials about homeless dogs? Those with a heart let me hear you say yes.  Upon hearing Sarah Mclachlan, the routine is to change the channel immediately while screaming and covering my eyes and ears. To be basic: I. Just. Can’t. When I see dogs without homes, I want to adopt them. SO… I did. Well, Gio and I did. A … Continue reading Rescued