Perspective Change: A Poem


There’s nothing I see,

That doesn’t amaze me.

We wake up to a blessing every morning,

A morning that doesn’t need any type of warning.

Waking up is a blessing to me, just knowing that I can open my eyes and see clearly.

My blessings are nothing to be compared to, because God has something for all of us and that’s just being true.


I don’t have many, but church provided me with a family that is more then plenty.

I could of never dreamed of someone to care so much,  I was at a point of my life I was scared of being touched.

I cried and I prayed, and all I can see was my friends from school willing to trade.


The me I couldn’t even understand, I would try so hard but it was just like sand falling right through my hands.

Philippians 4:6

Don’t worry about anything, but instead pray about everything.

Thinking about verse 6, helped me realize my worries was the enemy trying to play some tricks.

Tricks that could never mix, with my father stirring up the perfect fix.

It’s a complete blessing to me, to see that God accepted me when he heard me plea.

Something that I held onto when the times got hard, is that my God is my ultimate guard.

Reading 2 Corinthians Chapter 9 verse 8,

God blessed me abundantly and it was worth the wait.

Blessing after blessing,

just know that you are really progressing.

God gave it all, so you can know you are worth more then a fall.

Live and know,  you are called to reap and sow.

The reap is the hardest part, but from what I learned it’s the perfect start.

Start to something new, the new we can never picture and really view.

By faith, we take that step.

Step to the blessing that Christ had for our life the whole time, the one that made him the perfect I’m.

When you feel like you are an absolute mess, remember that God loves you and wants to bless.


It’s a blessing to be the way you are, because Christ has formed you into the perfect star.

The star of his eye, that gives you the perfect why.

The why you are a blessing, the enemy wouldn’t be worried about anything that God wasn’t sending.

Julissa Gonzalez

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