First Love Pt.10

The First Love series takes a look at how different individuals in The Voice community keep Christ the first love of their lives. Meet: Cody and Miranda Flickinger, who are married.

Placing Jesus at the center of our relationship means these 2 things:

1.” Placing Jesus at the enter of our relationship means that we make time for Him (Jesus) and we remember why we do what we do. Making time for Jesus is easier said than actually done, but its super important. We both try and set aside alone time and read the Word or pray everyday. It may not be spoken out loud like, “Hey! I’m going to be reading the Bible now so don’t bug me!”, but instead we take it as a personal responsibility. My time alone with God may not be the same allotted time as Cody’s. And that’s okay. We aren’t perfect so it may not be done every single day at the same time, but we can tell the difference when it is done. It’s a huge difference.  Setting aside time (and actually doing it) definitely sets the precedent for the rest of the day (or rest of the week).

2. We also have to once in a while remember why we do what we do. Oftentimes, we have to take a step back and analyze our intentions. While being so heavily involved at church, you can sometimes lose your focus or have your vision clouded. At the end of the day, it’s not about us, but instead always about Jesus. Reminding ourselves of our goals and purpose can help us get back in track with God’s vision instead of our personal one. We support and encourage each other to do better and to be better.

What is one thing that marriage has taught you so far?

Marriage has taught us to not be selfish. It’s not just about you anymore but instead about being one. We love being married and it’s definitely a huge decision but definitely one of the best!

Cody and Miranda Flickinger

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