Personality- “You’re definitely an 8!”

There is much to be said today about the interest in personality tests. For years the popularity dealt primarily with the Meyers Briggs Personality Test which utilized four categories with opposite spectrums to then create a four letter acronym that summed up your entire personality. I, for instance, am an INFJ. Now in 2019, the new curiosity rests in the Enneagram test. This test, in short, uses a number system to delegate personalities and describe the greatest needs and goals of the individual. I am in this case labeled as a “type 2, The Helper” which I completely agree with. Others have received answers that don’t necessarily give them as much confidence in who they are. 

This topic has been on my mind lately and I thought it was important to address. As much as psychologists like to define the personalities of everyone and seek to understand the the reason why people act the way they do, psychologists never will, at least not completely.  Humans will never fully understand humans, because well, we are humans. In other words, our minds were never meant to comprehend the artistry, complexity and originality that is “a person”. Essentially and in very basic terms, we didn’t create ourselves, God created us. Remember Genesis 1? God spent six days and, like, created stuff. He created the stars, people, animals, everything. In fact, at the beginning of time, I was on God’s mind. He even “created my inmost being” as David talks about in Psalm 139. 

  This post isn’t meant to bash the enneagram or any other personality test that interests you, but it is however meant to give a sobering thought on the fact that there is only One who can truly tell you who you are. We should use these tests to make ourselves more self aware and ask God to work on the parts of us that might not be quite as pretty. At the end of the day, the Word of God should be our source and identity. Let’s not let man claim authority over something that he was never meant to fully understand. Now in case it’s been awhile since you’ve heard this— you are unique and complete in Christ no matter your skills, gifts or downfalls. Now go change the world!

Rachel Ohman

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