How to be intentional in Quarantine

When I began setting up my bullet journal for the new year, I dedicated 2020 to be the “Year of Intent.” For me, this meant being intentional every single day. Living my life to the fullest with no regrets. Stepping out of my comfort zone, going on missions trips, completing acts of service, and really just considering the “why” behind every “what.”  But… not even planning out my months by weeks, my weeks by days, or my days by hours could have prepared me for the reality of a 3? 4? 20? week quarantine. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, everything I had hoped and planned for was gone. I spent about a day wallowing in self-pity (for lack of a better term), but then it hit me. We know all too well that when we pray and ask God for an opportunity to grow in a certain area… He’ll give it to us… even if it’s in a way we wouldn’t necessarily enjoy. Don’t believe me? Try praying for more patience sometime. Sincerely, I learned my lesson on that one. Anyway, it occurred to me, maybe God is giving me this time to learn to be intentional even when the opportunity isn’t right in front of me. To truly be intentional I need to learn how to make the most of any situation, to make my own happiness, and ultimately step out of what’s comfortable and into the understanding that no matter how much we plan, God’s plan is so much better. 

So, this leaves us with the question…. How can you be intentional in quarantine? Well it all starts with a list. The first step of getting organized is planning what you want to accomplish in a day. From there you start, and make sure to check off things as you go! That’s the most rewarding thing, and what motivates you to continue day after day (Trust me). In times of hardship, it’s easy to turn to our electronics for monetary entertainment, but remember all those things you’ve always said you’d do if, “only you had more time?” Well… now is the perfect time! Make a physical list (paper and pen) of all the things you need to do, or what you want to do in one day. You could even go as far as putting times on them,  but whatever it is… make sure it’s things that’ll make you feel accomplished. Get creative! Decorate the paper, make it fun, make it a challenge, or even a habit tracker– see how many times you could complete the habit in a week! To be intentional one must be deliberate. What’s some deliberate practices that you could do in a day? Well… lucky for you guys…. I made a list of 100! I won’t include it here, but definitely check the IG for inspo. Let’s start with some basics: Skin care, reading your Bible, school work, folding laundry, cooking a healthy meal, going for a walk, completing an act of service, spending time with a loved one…. I could go on and on. Find what would be most beneficial for you in this journey. 

What I really want you to get out of all of this is one thing… It’s easy to get caught up in the lies of the enemy that puts us in a choke hold of fear. It’s even easier to give in to that and spend each day worrying of when things will “go back to normal.” Don’t let the enemy hold that over you, wake up each day with a plan of how you’re going to make the most of the new day God gave you. Make a list, check things off of it, be intentional, and most importantly…. Please, wash your hands.

Lillian Otero

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