Worth the Wait

Written by Andreliz Torres Have you ever been in a season of waiting? Has God ever promised you something and you’ve wanted it right then and there? Or maybe in your head, you’re expecting it to happen soon, but you’re still waiting? Have you doubted that promise or lost hope because it hasn’t happened on your timing? Yeah, me too.  I think a lot of … Continue reading Worth the Wait


by Andreliz Torres As I sat there in the sound booth during night 3 of The Voice Conference, I heard Pastor Sonia repeating, “C’MON, THE VOICE!” after Chris Estrada preached about being “Built Different.” *Insert plug to download the Mainstream app & to listen to the whole TVC weekend. (https://subsplash.com/mainstreamorlando/app) As she is repeating, I hear a mixture of frustration and encouragement, but most importantly, an … Continue reading C’MON, THE VOICE