by Andreliz Torres As I sat there in the sound booth during night 3 of The Voice Conference, I heard Pastor Sonia repeating, “C’MON, THE VOICE!” after Chris Estrada preached about being “Built Different.” *Insert plug to download the Mainstream app & to listen to the whole TVC weekend. (https://subsplash.com/mainstreamorlando/app) As she is repeating, I hear a mixture of frustration and encouragement, but most importantly, an … Continue reading C’MON, THE VOICE

A Quick Reminder for the Christians

Numbers don’t lie, just look at history Unfortunately, 2020 hasn’t felt awesome at all. Frankly, many people are emotional, physically, and spiritually exhausted at this point. Rooms that were once filled with laughter and joy, are now filled with the sound of CNN and Fox News reporters, with empty bottles of liquor as a backdrop. These are indeed dark times, and the times will likely … Continue reading A Quick Reminder for the Christians