A Quick Reminder for the Christians

Numbers don’t lie, just look at history Unfortunately, 2020 hasn’t felt awesome at all. Frankly, many people are emotional, physically, and spiritually exhausted at this point. Rooms that were once filled with laughter and joy, are now filled with the sound of CNN and Fox News reporters, with empty bottles of liquor as a backdrop. These are indeed dark times, and the times will likely … Continue reading A Quick Reminder for the Christians

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To the Girl Growing in the Lord…

To the Girl Growing in the Lord, I don’t know you personally, but I know where you’re at. I’ve been there. It’s uncomfortable and uncertain, but not uncommon. Let me share something – you are not alone.  I have been the girl that was trying to figure it all out. When the Holy Spirit first began tugging on my heart, I was in the middle … Continue reading To the Girl Growing in the Lord…

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The Wild Wild Web

This post was a Voice AM lesson adapted for your reading pleasure. When the stay-at-home order hit Orange County and church was brought online, I remember thinking, “Okay, I really need to start using Instagram to stay connected with people in these times.” So I did. Unfortunately since then, the online social community has become a crippling minefield. If I can be honest, I have … Continue reading The Wild Wild Web

Let’s Talk Mental Health

Keeping a healthy mindset during a pandemic is already hard as is. But, keeping a healthy mindset during both a pandemic and a worldwide movement against social injustice is like an extreme sport.  Being an enneagram nine (yes, I went there) I am very much the “peacemaker.” I like to see and understand everyone’s perspective before I give my own input, I’d rather listen than … Continue reading Let’s Talk Mental Health