The Reboot

  Ever so often in Hollywood a movie comes along the way that is popular, but has little room to grow. Every sequel unintentionally distances itself further and further away from the ideals and character of the original. Sure, there’s an illusion of growth in sheer numbers; but when it comes down to it the movie becomes a barely recognizable facsimile of the standards which … Continue reading The Reboot

Story of Us

           Have you ever felt alone in the middle of a crowded room surrounded by others and you’re not speaking? (And no this isn’t to reference a Taylor Swift song, although it is a bop.) But seriously, your brain is thinking 50 million thoughts per minute and you can’t even find the will to say “hello” to the person next to … Continue reading Story of Us

3 Ways to be Ready for the Unexpected

The Unexpected. This month at the Voice it has been all about embracing exactly that; the unknown. From spontaneous events during service to hearing whatever is on the hearts of our speakers this month, our latest series “It’s Gonna be May” has steered  us away from our usual routine. Along with embracing new experiences during services, we couldn’t help but think how we can apply how … Continue reading 3 Ways to be Ready for the Unexpected

World Race Feature: “It Took a Storm to Make Me Move”

A friend recently messaged me to catch up and asked: “How’s life treating you?” I let out a long sigh, tilted my head and replied, “There has been a lot of unexpected changes but I’m good! Making moves and keeping up!” I nodded in sign of approval and clicked send. To which he replied “Life tends to do that, I’m glad to hear you’re rolling … Continue reading World Race Feature: “It Took a Storm to Make Me Move”